We were all born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in Decatur, Georgia about 6 miles east of Atlanta. We all attended and graduated from
Decatur High School. We have all composed a short bio of our lives till now and this bio may be reached by clicking on our name above.

We would like to thank all of those who have contributed their research and family remembrances for the material contained on this site.  Without their help this project would be years away from completion.  We would particularly like to thank Elizabeth Pearl “Betty” Hannah Farnell whose research on the Hannah, Braswell, Flowers and Rutledge lines make up most of the reference material from our Mother’s family and to Mr. Don Rutledge of Reston, Virginia, a distant cousin and a Decatur, Georgia native.  Don has done a splendid job of compiling a history of the Routledge/Rutledge name and documenting his particular Rutledge line where it diverges from ours. He has given his permission and we are proud to include his work on this site.

If you would like to communicate with us about the information contained on these pages, please contact Walter Winn at wrwinn@southernco.com

The WebMaster for this site is Brad Cliatt, the youngest son of Tommy and Judy (Winn)Cliatt. He can be contacted at bradcliatt@hotmail.com

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This Web Site is dedicated to all of those that have gone before us and to all that will follow. It is intended to serve as a reference for all future generations of the Winn and Hannah families who may want to learn of their heritage and to gain knowledge of those from whom they are descended.

We are the Four Winn's from Decatur, Georgia, USA.....

  • Kenneth Franklin (b. September 14, 1937)
  • Walter Roy (b.July 25, 1940)
  • William Cameron (b. July 25, 1940)
  • Judith Ann (b. March 24, 1943)

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